Free Range Turkey

A family meal that won't soon be forgotten

We are a licensed free range turkey grower in Nova Scotia. Turkey Farmers of Nova Scotia is the governing body that regulates the production of turkey in Nova Scotia and grants licenses to producers in Nova Scotia.

The poults stay in a heated brooder pen for the first few weeks and then move to the grow-out barn where they have access to the outdoors, green grass and sunshine. Turkeys love to be outdoors and even sleep outdoors at night when the weather is nice.

Our turkeys are fed formulated, all natural feed rations that contain no medications, no antibiotics, no animal or fish by-products or growth enhancers. The turkeys always have fresh, clean water available to them.  

Our turkeys are processed at our provincially inspected processing facility where a provincial meat inspector inspects each and every turkey.

Most of our turkeys are sold whole for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We raise our turkeys to 10 pounds or 4.55 kilograms and up. We also process the meat into ground turkey which is very popular with people who are looking for a lean protein.