Free Range Poultry & Meat Products

Free range, locally sourced meat products

Are you looking for poultry and meat for your family that is healthier than the products you are purchasing through the grocery chains? Are you interested in the welfare and well being of the animals that are grown to provide you with your meat products?

At Cogmagun Poultry Processing Company, we supply free range poultry and meat products for families and commercial food providers who are concerned with the ugly realities of factory farming. They turn to us for free range poultry and meat produced on our moderate sized farm, not far from Halifax, Dartmouth and Truro.

Our animals are grown in a natural environment rather than in a huge, aggressively controlled facility – perhaps outside of our province, perhaps outside of our country.

Switch to a healthier way to feed your family or your customers! Call 902-757-3840 today.

Most people who consume free range meat can tell the difference immediately and are raving fans. Besides the fact of knowing where your food is coming from, and that you’re supporting your local neighbour and economy, the difference is in the taste.

“Free Range” is a certification process. Here are some of the criteria for acquiring this certification:

  • The meat must be antibiotic free.
  • The animals have to have access to fresh air, sunshine and pasture.
  • Their feed must be medication and hormone free.
  • The birds must be processed by a federally or provincially inspected plant.
  • Chicken and turkey farmers must be licensed by the Chicken and Turkey Farmers of NS.