Free Range Chicken

Free range, locally sourced products

We are a licensed specialty chicken grower in Nova Scotia. That means that we adhere to the regulations and policies set down by the Chicken Farmers of Nova Scotia. Chicken Farmers of Nova Scotia is the governing body that grant us a license to grow free range chicken on our farm. 

Chickens in the Hatchery

We purchase our day-old meat chickens from a hatchery in Nova Scotia. We feed all natural grain rations and fresh, clean water to our chickens.  The formulated rations have no medications, no antibiotics, no animal or fish by-products or growth enhancers. Our chickens have free access to the outdoors where they can enjoy green grass and sunshine whenever they please.

Our chickens are processed in our provincially inspected processing plant where every chicken is inspected by a provincial meat inspector.

We produce whole chickens as well as an array of parts such as boneless/skinless breasts, bone-in breasts, whole legs, thighs, drums and wings.  We also produce ground chicken and a number of varieties of gluten free, 100% free range chicken sausages.

Ready-to-Eat Meals!

We have developed a new ready-to-cook, ready-to-eat product line that we call Courtia’s

At the present time, we are producing three varieties of gluten free, 100% free range chicken smokey sausages, four varieties of gluten free, 100% free range chicken pepperoni, smoked free range chicken breasts and sliced chicken deli meat with a few more new products we are working on. We also make savory meat pies and meat pot pies using our free range meats.