Cogmagun Poultry Processing Co., LTD.

Provincially Inspected Abbitoir, Processing Plant & Commercial Kitchen

Cogmagun Poultry was established in 2009, and we started operation in April 2011. We process our own free range chicken and turkey as well as custom processing for other licensed poultry producers, hobby farmers, and back yard growers, with three part time employees working two or three days a week. After a couple of years, the number of poultry going through the plant increased to the point that we had to increase the number of employees to five for three to four days a week. At the present time, there are as many as seven people working in the processing end of the plant, five days per week.  

We have three farms growing free range chicken for us with the possibility of adding others in the future.  

In 2015, we decided to add onto the physical plant. We added a red meat cutting room with its own walk-in hanging cooler. We added a commercial kitchen, complete with a 700 pound fully automated smoker and another walk-in cooler, a cooled packaging room, and another walk-in freezer.

In the fall of 2017, we started cutting red meat for ourselves and for custom growers. In the spring of 2018, we hired two more people.

Cogmagun Poultry Processing Co. Ltd. is a provincially inspected poultry and waterfowl processing plant. We process poultry for many licensed producers and hobby growers and would welcome the opportunity to discuss the same with you! Contact us.

Ready-to-Eat Meals!

We have developed a new ready-to-cook, ready-to-eat product line that we call Courtia’s

At the present time, we are producing three varieties of gluten free, 100% free range chicken smokey sausages, four varieties of gluten free, 100% free range chicken pepperoni, smoked free range chicken breasts and sliced chicken deli meat with a few more new products we are working on. We also make savory meat pies and meat pot pies using our free range meats.


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